Vulnerabilities are present in all modern software. As a result of evolving threats, software needs regularly patching to remediate these technical vulnerabilities in an organisation’s network to protect it against potential malicious attackers. Having comprehensive vulnerability management processes in place makes these network vulnerabilities visible to IT experts. 

Knowing how to prioritise and fix vulnerabilities plays an essential role in protecting your networks.    

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What is Vulnerability Management?    

Vulnerability management (VM) is the process of identifying, prioritising, remediating or mitigating the threat and retesting for vulnerabilities within a network.    

Tenable (Sapphire’s partner helping to provide complete and continuous visibility into your cyber risks) suggests that is:    

“Vulnerability management is an ongoing process that includes proactive asset discovery, continuous monitoring, mitigation, remediation and defence tactics to protect your organisation’s modern IT attack surface from Cyber Exposure.”

Vulnerability management is the process of finding and patching vulnerabilities in your network security to protect an organisation’s networks against malicious cyberattacks. It is an ongoing program utilising a wide variety of technologies to identify and remediate vulnerabilities in your network to keep your organisation safe from cyber attacks.   

what is vulnerability management

Why Vulnerability Management and not Vulnerability Analysis?   

Vulnerability analysis is only the collation of vulnerability data. It is not a continuous exploration of a fluid threat landscape. Instead, it is an individual analysis of your networks at one specific moment in time.   

The question is: without the foresight of an end goal, why collect data?   

A comprehensive vulnerability management programme will ensure the collated data is then used within another process to provide visibility, remediation, and verification of resolution in a continuing cycle.   

Sapphire Cyber Security- identify vulnerabilities via vulnerability scans

Why do we need a Vulnerability Management Program? 

 The digital landscape is fluid, with hackers constantly looking for attack vectors to exploit. Older vulnerabilities that have not been found and fixed can be taken advantage of if they remain unpatched.   

Infosecurity Magazine suggests that of all the organisations that have suffered a breach in their network, “almost 60% were due to an unpatched vulnerability.”    

Additionally, Tenable suggests that:

“Organisations using a CVSS 7+ strategy to prioritise their remediation efforts waste 76% of their time remediating vulnerabilities that pose little to no risk—while leaving 44% of the riskiest vulnerabilities in their environment.”

Keeping your systems and software updated to the latest version and delivering any patches when released plays a crucial role in reducing the risk of a breach.  

Sapphire Cyber Security- vulnerability scans of critical systems

How to Measure and Manage Risk to Business Systems Using Vulnerability Management Solutions?   

Prioritising the critical threats on your network enables you to allocate time and resources where it is most needed. This, in turn, enhances your security and saves the costly exercise of patch management for every vulnerability found.

Vulnerability management best practices:   

  • Frequent vulnerability scanning for new vulnerabilities.
  • Use vulnerability scanners to gain visibility of critical vulnerabilities in your organisation’s network as soon as possible. This will minimise the length of time the vulnerability will stay in your organisation’s environment.  
  • Include your organisation’s infrastructure across assets, technologies, and applications as part of your regime.  
  • Prioritise your patch management programme based on the severity of the vulnerabilities found. 
Sapphire Cyber Security- penetration testing of operating systems

What are some Common Vulnerability Management Problems? 

There are four main problems that many IT experts face when dealing with the vulnerabilities in their networks.

  1. Identification – how do you know that you are reviewing all the vulnerabilities in your network?   
  2. Confidence – how do you know that the results achieved from your analysis are accurate?  
  3. Prioritisation – which area do you start remediation efforts, and how do you prioritise your organisation’s vulnerabilities?  
  4. Resource – do you have the time and the employees to manage your vulnerability data? Even if you you have the time, do you have the expertise to understand what the data is telling you and how to prioritise your action?
Sapphire Cyber Security- remediating vulnerabilities of critical assets

Why Choose Sapphire for Vulnerability Management Solutions?   

Sapphire’s security teams can help organisations deploy a vulnerability management programme that is relevant to their needs:

  1. On premises
  2. Cloud-based
  3. Managed service  

Sapphire’s vulnerability management can help alleviate some of the common problems above.   

Sapphire Cyber Security- vulnerability assessment

Technical Vulnerability Management Expertise  

We have a Tenable Guardian in our midst- this is the highest technical certification awarded to Tenable partners, and we are one of the only few partners in the UK to have it. No matter how big your estate is, Sapphire’s vulnerability management solution will work with you to ensure your management is tailored and bespoke to your business needs.  

Maximise your Vulnerability Management Investment 

We have helped organisations make the most of their investments and provide ongoing support and workshops to ensure they are utilising the product and its capabilities.   

We can help manage the vulnerability management solution through our managed service, saving the organisation valuable time and resources. In addition, customers can benefit from the integrated capabilities of our SOC (Security Operations Center) service and the insight of our team of analysts.   

Benefits of our managed service include:  

  • Vulnerability Visibility    
  • Prioritise risks   
  • Uncover Shadow IT   
  • Meet compliance needs   
  • Experts reviewing findings   
  • Vulnerability support   
  • Bespoke reporting   
Sapphire Cyber Security- vulnerability assessment of operating systems

Experts in Vulnerability Management Solutions

Our security teams are experts in the field. Not only do they have 25 years of experience within the vulnerability arena, but they are also Security Cleared Consultants.    

Helping create a well-defined set of project goals for your organisation, our Managed Service team ensures that both parties understand their requirements.   

Sapphire Cyber Security- remediating vulnerabilities of critical assets

Sapphire’s Vulnerability Management Features   

Comprehensive Assessment Options    

Sapphire’s comprehensive vulnerability assessment helps scan your network’s coverage and reduce blind spots. Our active vulnerability scanners utilise agent-based scanning to provide visibility for transient devices, sensitive hosts, or even medical or industrial control devices.   

Tracking Assets   

Sapphire also aids the identification of an organisation’s environmental resources. This can be anything from laptops and virtual machines to cloud instances.   

Efficient User Interface   

The user interface follows best practice frameworks, such as CIS and DISA STIG. With the aid of our experienced team, your organisation will maximise your investment.   

Internal and External Vulnerability Scanning   

With both an internal and external vulnerability scanner, your organisation can rest assured that your security vulnerabilities are covered.   

Previous Sapphire customers have said:  

“In the time spent working with Sapphire, we are incredibly pleased with the service we have received. The team at Sapphire is responsive to our needs and demonstrates an understanding of our industry’s challenges. In addition to this, their consultants have repeatedly exceeded our expectations in delivering a range of services.”- Lawrence Gardner, Group Head of ICT, Wrekin Housing.  

For more information about Sapphire’s vulnerability management program, contact one of our experts below.  

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