A woman in a light blue uniform shirt, black tie, and black hat stands outdoors. She is smiling, reflecting the balance between her military duty as a reservist and civilian life. The background features autumn-colored leaves and a building.

Being a Reservist requires a special kind of person. Answering the call to serve is not a path everyone takes, but military reservists make up approximately one-fifth of our Armed Forces personnel and play an integral role in protecting our nation’s security.

Reservists give up their spare time, balancing civilian life with their devotion to serving in the military.

Sapphire’s Kate Oldershaw is one. Kate serves as a Mover in the Royal Auxiliary Air Force, a role responsible for preparing and executing the movement of personnel and cargo by air, sea and land. As well as supporting operations in the UK, her role sees her accompanying cargo all over the world.

Kate has always had a desire to serve. She began her career as a police officer in her hometown of Nottingham, where she served for 12 years. After leaving the police and moving into the not-for-profit sector, Kate realised she missed the sense of belonging. In 2019, she signed up as a Reservist with the RAF.

Kate, now a product manager at Sapphire, believes the skills she has learnt over the years in her varied roles allow her to bring a diverse set of skills to the cyber security industry.

Reservists, like our own Kate, play a crucial role in both the public and private sectors, often unnoticed. On Reserves Day, we take a moment to acknowledge their dedication, professionalism, and commitment to serving our country. We extend our heartfelt thanks to Kate and Reservists across the country for their invaluable service.

This Reserves Day, you may notice a colleague wearing their uniform with pride; take a moment to thank them!

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