The IDC has reported that 70% of successful breaches begin at the endpoint, which must be a concern to many businesses and organisations in the changing world of 2020. A McAfee Threat Report published in July this year reported that overall there had been a decrease of new malware by 35% in H1 2020, indicating that known malware is still proving to be successful and lucrative for criminals to utilise.  

Below we’ve listed some of the challenges our customers are experiencing when it comes to securing their endpoints and have provided some detail around how Sapphire is helping organisations like yours to address those challenges, maximise their investment and make the most of their resources. 

Reduce Complexity & Cost – Choose an Intuitive Solution 

  • The State of Security Report 2020 stated that 68% of respondents acknowledge they have overlapping security solutions. Due to the limitations of traditional antivirus (AV) software, security teams often use an array of solutions to secure their infrastructure. This can make a complex environment which is a drain on resource requiring time to manage and maintain agents, consoles, and configurations not to mention patching and the costs associated with each solution.  
  • Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) is an integrated endpoint security solution, combining real-time continuous monitoring and collection of endpoint data with rules-based automated response and analysis capabilities. Rather than investing in an array of security solutions to protect your endpoints, EDR enables you to benefit from all the features of a traditional AV solution whilst visualising every stage of an attack then identify and investigate every endpoint. Sapphire’s vendor of choice in this space is VMware Carbon Black Cloud; a critical solution to protect endpoints from a vast array of cyber threats. Defending against new and unknown malware, zero-day attacks and sophisticated APT’s, we support, protect, and proactively respond to threats detected on endpoints, as if they were behind a corporate security infrastructure, reducing the need to deploy multiple solutions. 

Leveraging the Cloud 

  • Threats are evolving daily, targeted breaches, malware and malicious cryptocurrency to name but a few. Successfully maintaining a proactive endpoint security regime while keeping on top of configuration and patching can be a difficult and sometimes unachievable. Couple this with a dispersed workforce, this is both time consuming and costly. 
  • Moving your endpoint security to the cloud provides a cost-effective, continually up-to-date solution that can alleviate the pressure on you and your security team. The cloud removes the needs for storage and an internal resource to understand and manage analytics, and keep configurations current. This would enable you to offload some of the time-consuming management and reporting and concentrate your resource and effort into other areas of your security programme. 

Having the Right Skillset 

  • It is well known that there is a severe shortage of resource within the industry. 47% of respondents to the State of Security Report indicated that the additional support needed for their security programme was an increase in the size of their security teams. Many businesses are under-resourced, and for IT security professionals, trying to maintain your skillset whilst maintaining good cyber hygiene and industry-best security practices can be a challenge. 
  • Sapphire’s Managed Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) service brings endpoint protection into the hands of expert analysts. We use proactive Threat Hunting techniques, in conjunction with the latest threat intelligence. This ensures we not only understand the technical elements of each attack but can provide context and understanding of the motives of the threat actors conducting it. Using information and insight gained from Carbon Black, it is possible to develop a range of policies bespoke to each environment, ensuring the risk of a cyber-attack is as low as possible.   

Endpoints may continue to be one of the weakest links on your network. Our working environments are dynamic, shifting to meet the needs of our business, as such, the tools used to protect these environments need to be able to keep pace with these ever-changing demands.  

Sapphire’s Managed EDR service allows our analysts to rapidly update endpoint controls, ensuring they are protecting against new and emerging threats. We use highly customised policies that are tailored to our customer needs, ensuring continuous improvement of the defence against the modern threat landscape. 

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