A brightly lit stage shows a large screen with the name "CHARLY DAVIS, COO, SAPPHIRE" and a photo of a woman in a yellow jacket. She stands confidently with arms crossed. The audience in the dimly lit foreground appears to be attending an event celebrating Diversity and Innovation.

Last night, Team Sapphire attended the SC Awards. Our CEO Ian Thomas, CTO Gareth Pritchard, and Director of Public Sector Andy Bates were valiantly there to support me following my nomination for the category ‘Woman of Influence 2024’.

The greatest reward was being recognised alongside each of the women shortlisted for the award last night; from the many nominations, to be one of five on this shortlist was a humbling moment, and I am extremely grateful to everyone involved in nominating me and sponsoring this nomination.

As we listened to all the awards presented throughout the evening, I contemplated three things.

First, cyber’s wealth of talent and diversity genuinely amazes me and makes me proud and grateful to be part of this community. The Winner of the ‘Woman of Influence Award’, Clar Rosso, has championed these efforts incredibly by actively mentoring women and advocating for initiatives such as providing 1,000,000 free CC exams to improve accessibility to Cyber for women everywhere.

Secondly, I remembered that there are hidden gems quietly making a difference around each and every one of us every day. Algi Tabir, the winner of the Rising Star Award, being recognised for the work that he has done for the deaf community in cyber security and championing diversity and accessibility in cyber was one of the moments that took your breath away. Thank you, Algi, for being a true inspiration; you were the biggest winner of the evening to me!

Thirdly, I took a moment to sit back and be grateful for my colleagues, for everyone who nominated me and sponsored that nomination and for the team supporting me there last night, who, even on my toughest days (we all have them), are there to lift me higher.

Congratulations to all last night’s winners.

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