Achieve advanced threat protection with Check Point and Avanan

By integrating Check Point Software and Avanan, this solution provides best-in-class cloud email malware protection and expands security to SaaS collaboration suites as the email threat landscape grows.

The integrated approach will enable organisations to: 

  • In less than 5 minutes, secure cloud email uses email security as a service to modernise outdated systems (SEG). 
  • Stop phishing attacks and malicious files from entering the inbox, use click time URL protection to eliminate risky email clicks and stop attack expansion before any damage is evident with automatic post-attack remediation.  
  • The most secure and adaptable solution to prevent email data loss (internal and external) gives security admins various reaction options to secure data before it leaves the organisation. 
  • The solution will protect a wide variety of SaaS collaboration platforms such as Teams, OneDrive, Share Point, Slack, Google Drive and more from malicious URLs, infected files, and data loss prevention (DLP). 

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