Month: April 2020


Designed for information security professionals, by information security professionals, NISC is a conference for cyber security individuals to learn about the latest cyber security trends, risks and defence strategies in a relaxed but productive environment. This video provides you with an insight into our conference and also gives you the opportunity to hear from some of our speakers and delegates. Learn more about NISC by visiting –

  • Appreciate the benefits and limitations of moving to hosted email services
  • Understand why it's more important than ever to get secure messaging right
  • Realise that the best email security is the solution that people enjoy using
  • Learn how auditing and reporting can help you meet compliance

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    Use of the Zoom Video Communication application has exploded in recent weeks with COVID-19 having an impact on business operations across the globe, necessitating the need for such services to be utilised more widely than ever before. The Zoom download page for this application saw an increase in traffic of 535% over the past month and with this, security flaws have become increasingly evident as threat actors move to take advantage of the current pandemic.

    Ease of use, deployment and low implementation costs have all been contributing factors in Zoom achieving such a level of global success with many organisations starting to use this service without fully considering the potential ramifications.

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    • Zoom encryption and association with the Chinese Government
    • The black market selling Zoom credentials
    • Zoom bombing
    • MacOS Exploits
    • UNC path injections
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      After extensive research, and independent rating of the top 11 companies in the MTD market, Frost & Sullivan has concluded that Check Point is a market leader, at the forefront of innovation, consistently developing new growth strategies based on a visionary understanding of the future.

      We invite you to read and share the award write-up, where you will learn:

      • Key market trends and demand drivers in the MTD sphere
      • Why Check Point earned remarkable Growth and Innovation scores
      • How SandBlast Mobile continuously extends mobile security into new domains

      The Frost Radar is a robust analytical tool that benchmarks companies' innovation focus and growth performance in a given market. It is built conducting primary and secondary research, and an objective rating of the companies in the market.


        Following the recent incidents with the Zoom video conferencing tool, we wanted to provide you with some guidance on how best to use this and other video conferencing tools more securely. Along with this, Mike Jones, ex-Anonymous and Security Researcher has also provided some insight from his perspective.

        Below is some general advice to take into consideration when using Zoom and other video conferencing solutions:


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