Shellshock, No Shock…

As the detection of Shellshock has hit the press, Sapphire’s helpdesk has been approached by a number of organisations asking for advice on how to best secure their estate. So, we thought that we would share advice on how to protect your organisation.

Do not panic: there is a lot of …

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Sapphire – we’re not Shellshocked!

Author: Ross Paterson, Security Consultant, Sapphire

On Wednesday of this week Shellshock was released into the wild as CVE-2014-6271 ( Shellshock is a (not so) new bug which can be used to exploit bash shells. It has actually been in existence for the better part of 25 years affecting versions of …

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The Scoop on Shellshock

Published on Sept 26th at Trusted Blog

Author: Dan Kaplan, Online Content Manager – Trustwave

If you’re an IT professional, chances are you were rudely awoken this week to a critical vulnerability-called “Shellshock”-that is present in the bash shell, the default command-line interpreter for Unix-based systems such as Linux and Mac OS …

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