Are you confused deciding how to address vulnerabilities?

Author: Robin Cook, Lumension Product Manager – e92Plus

There are many solutions out there, all telling you how they can address all of your endpoint vulnerabilities. Lumension are one of these vendors but unlike many solutions which claim to address them, Lumension really do have an offering which separates them from …

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Protect Against the GHOST Vulnerability

The GHOST vulnerability (CVE-2015-0235 has recently been in the press and recieving coverage of how it could be exploited to affect systems. If you are running Linux based Operating Systems it is important to ensure these are properly patched as per your manufacturers recommendations. In addition, your IT Security …

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Sapphire – we’re not Shellshocked!

Author: Ross Paterson, Security Consultant, Sapphire

On Wednesday of this week Shellshock was released into the wild as CVE-2014-6271 ( Shellshock is a (not so) new bug which can be used to exploit bash shells. It has actually been in existence for the better part of 25 years affecting versions of …

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The Scoop on Shellshock

Published on Sept 26th at Trusted Blog

Author: Dan Kaplan, Online Content Manager – Trustwave

If you’re an IT professional, chances are you were rudely awoken this week to a critical vulnerability-called “Shellshock”-that is present in the bash shell, the default command-line interpreter for Unix-based systems such as Linux and Mac OS …

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Shellshock, No Shock…

As the detection of Shellshock has hit the press, Sapphire’s helpdesk has been approached by a number of organisations asking for advice on how to best secure their estate. So, we thought that we would share advice on how to protect your organisation.

Do not panic: there is a lot of …

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