Penetration Tests vs Vulnerability Assessments

Author: Joe Flanagan, Security Consultant, Sapphire

In order to protect your business from hackers, it’s important to be able to quantify the level of risk to your business. Deciding whether a penetration test or a vulnerability assessment is right for you can be confusing and understanding the difference between the two …

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Trusted Knight to deliver Cloud-DMZ through G-Cloud 8 framework

Trusted Knight, a data security company dedicated to sophisticated solutions for today’s crimeware challenges, is pleased to announce the acceptance of their Cloud-DMZ web application security technology into the UK Government’s Digital Marketplace.

This allows Trusted Knight to deliver its Cloud-DMZ technology to public sector organisations and government agencies through the …

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A Rant About Mobile Security

Author: Chris Spencer, Forensic Services Manager, Sapphire

It’s July 2016 and the headlines in the news look all too familiar…

“Mobile Devices Remain Vulnerable to Attacks.”
“Android Device Users Susceptible to Malware Attack.”
“Cyber Thieves Increasingly Attack Mobile Devices.”
“Apple mobile devices vulnerable to app attack.”

There’s nothing new here, we have seen headlines like this …

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Brexit, Information Security and the European GDPR

Author: Dr Steven Winstanley, Security Consultant, Sapphire

An opinion piece on Information Security and new European legislation the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)…

The status quo means that the Data Protection Act 1998 remains in force and that GDPR is still on track to be adopted in May 2018.  Assuming the GDPR …

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