NISC Privacy Notice

Your personal data will be collected by Sapphire who will act as the Data Controller.

Who can I Contact with Respect to my Personal Data?
If you would like to exercise your Data Subject Rights including your right access; rectification; erasure; restriction; or objection to processing please contact the Data Protection Officer at :, or write to:

The Data Protection Officer
North Point
Faverdale North
Co Durham

What Categories of Data do you Collect?
Sapphire Ltd., collects a number of categories of data. This includes collecting personal details under the terms of a contract for the purpose of your attendance and accommodation at NISC. You may consent for us to collect special categories of sensitive information, such as medical information and dietary requirement that will aid your stay with us at the conference. Corporate personal information, such as email, will be collected to allow Sapphires to offer you information on products and services, and you are very welcome to opt-in with personal email identifiers as well.  Sapphire Ltd., follows the UK’s ICO direct marketing guidance.

From time-to-time a photographer may be taking pictures of delegates to promote further NISC events.

Sapphire will not process your information for other purposes without your prior consent.

What Data do you Require?
The types of personal data collected from NISC attendees: includes:

  • Name
  • Job Title
  • Company Address
  • Company Email
  • Telephone Number
  • Optionally: Personal Dietary Requirements
  • Optionally: A photograph
  • Optionally: If attending, it may also include partner’s personal data

What if I Fail to Provide this Personal Data?
Some of this data will appear on you visitor badges to aid with statistics on attendance on speaker sessions and exhibitor’s booths.  Failure to provide the information listed above may mean that conference seating may not be provisioned, partner’s events unavailable, catering numbers or food provision inaccurate, or hotel bookings not optimal.

Do the Conference Application use Automated Decision Making or Profiling?
No, as a part of the NISC contract the information you provided at sign-up will be provisioned on to the conference wide application.  This enables you to see conference instant messages, other people’s contact information, photographs (if self-provisioned), and it will request the use of your smart phone camera to allow you to scan other delegates QR codes.  This does not affect your Data Subject Rights.

Where or with whom will you share my data?
Your data will be held within the EEA; Adequate Country; or a company provisioned by the U.S. Privacy Shield. Where necessary your personal data will be shared with:

  • The Hotel
  • NISC Application Server
  • A photographer
  • Optionally, with a Taxi service if required

Unless opted-out, corporate personal information will be shared with:

  • Exhibitors of the NISC.

How Long will you Hold on to my Data?
Mandatory personal data collected under contract will be held for a period of three years from the last NISC event you attended.  Optional personal data will be securely disposed of 6 months after NISC. Corporate personal data will be held indefinitely until you opt-out of direct marketing communication. This does not affect your data subject rights.

Can I Escalate a Data Protection Concern?
You have the right of redress and you are welcome to contact the Information Commissioners Office, please see: or call the ICO on: 0303 123 1113.

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NISC Privacy Agreement


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